Melissa Lamson

Expert in Global Mindset Development & Intercultural Management

Tanja Klußmann - Spezialistin für persönliche und berufliche Entwicklung, Potenzialentdeckerin

Melissa Lamson is a sought-after cross cultural expert with almost two decades of experience. She began her career in Diversity and Cross Cultural Counseling, Melissa then moved into Global Diversity Strategy and Cross Cultural Consulting. She now consults with multinationals on developing Global Mindset and Managing Employees Worldwide. Her career has always been international and she has lived and worked in over 50 countries around the world. Melissa was based for 10 years in Germany where she consulted the Foreign Ministry on policy with the US. Amongst several media appearances, she has published two books: Cultural Transformation Tweet and No Such Thing As Small Talk: 7 Keys to Understanding German Business Culture. 


In 2008, she won an award for her work in Diversity by the German Government and in 2007, Melissa was nominated as one of the top 25 Female Entrepreneurs in Europe. Her clients include Bayer, Cisco, Commerzbank, Mozilla, and SAP. She is a member of Watermark and Alley to the Valley.


  • Developing Global Mindset in Your Workforce Today             
  • Doing Business Successfully in the USA             
  • Excellent Presentations in English             
  • Global Leadership: What it Takes to Be a Success             
  • Innovation from Intercultural Teamwork             
  • The Intercultural Tool Kit: Business Skills for Managers Working Internationally             
  • Women & Men in Cooperation: Keys to Communicating Across Gender


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